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In Seth Gudmunson’s article, “Big on biodiesel,” he states that biodiesel will have less of Carbon dioxide, which it is 78%. It gives better lubricity to the engines and it makes the engine clean. It produces cleaner smell and the smoke will not bother people and farmers around. It will improves soybean market from which biodiesel is extracted. This will benefit farmers since the price of soybean would increase.
Do you have a farm? You want to get a better life? The people and workers try to improve their life by using great things. Biodiesel is one of petrol diesel sources. It has less dangerous than other diesel. Biodiesel is containing from vegetable and animals oil. The biodiesel should be used because it helps to reduce the pollution, helps to reduce the oil dependency, and helps increase farmers’s income.
At first, the biodiesel helps to reduce the pollution because it uses diesel engines which it is health for environment. In Gudmunson (2005) writes “biodiesel results in a 78% reduction in Carbon dioxide emissions”(pa.13). It has little emission of Carbon dioxide. In addition, most biodiesel uses lean fuel. It contain with little or no toxic emission such as sulfur, which is carcinogenic. Also, it makes the engine of cars cleaner. The smoke that is come from the exhaust in cars is clean not like other diesel. Therefore, it is good for environment because it has less dangerous chemical gases.
Second, biodiesel reduces the dependency on oil imported because it is mostly made from natural sources such as plant .this will have a big benefit for establishing peace in the world. All countries will be able to produce this kind of fuels without the dependence on foreign petroleum. Especially the countries that have hug crops of vegetable that workers use it to make biodiesel. Therefore, it is good for many countries because it leads them to work and get the crops from themselves.
Finally, biodiesel helps farmers because it costs fewer than other petrol diesels and it protects their product. There are many farmers use it for their engine. Many of gas can affect the plant and that cause of the death for plant. Biodiesel is the big fact for increase the production. It is cleaner than other gases such as petrol diesel. Gudmunson (2005) writes “ fewer emissions make working around the farm easier”(p13). Many of gas can affect the plant and that cause of the death for plant. Therefore, biodiesel helped farmers to increase their production because it has less dangerous foundation than other gases.
In conclusion, biodiesel is kind of diesel which it helps many people. Biodiesel will improve their environments and will help farmers to increase their production. It is useful during these days until the workers and companies find better source than biodiesel. Therefore, it is very good to people .biodiesel is one a good source that people find. The oil is caused to pollution. . Biodiesel is less dangerous than diesel. Many farmers are dependent on oil. Therefore, it is very useful gas and the people should use it.
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Today, most of American university in U.S. order TOEFL test as a one of their requirements to complete the American university because the TOEFL test is general test about English language. TOEFL tests some part of English skills that people use. Many students feel bad because they are caring about test. Also, if they do not pass the test they can complete their education in some university in US. The students have to study hard to get good grade to go to university. The TOEFL should not be used for American university admission because it does not use all English skills, it does not match with university work, and it is not fair for some students.
At first, the TOEFL test does not use all English skills. There is no speaking part on test. Many international students can speak very well but there is no part on test like conversation so they can not show their skills in this section. Also, there is no writing part on test. It can effect in students who are good at writing essay. Therefore, TOEFL is bad for international because some of them can speak and write very well but there is no section for it in test.
Second, TOEFL test does not match with university work. There is a big different between TOEFL class that students learn about TOEFL and university work. In university the lecture much bigger than TOEFL class such as science class. On other hand, reading is other problem because in university they take huge number of pages but in TOEFL class they take a few pages. They can read quickly because they have limit time. Therefore, it is bad for students because it does not grade their time.
Finally, TOEFL is not fair for some groups. There are many requirements to do to the TOEFL test. Many people can not pay the test application fee such as poor because they do not have enough money. Also, the students can not talk by the way that TOEFL test use it in grammar section such as the form of grammar part. TOEFL is not general English speaking for all people because it is too difficult for non native speaker. Therefore, it is not acceptable to all people who study English.
Opponents of TOEFL test claim that it is easy for school to read the score but that is not true score. It does not give students real level of English because the test is multiple choice such as guessing. The students have 25% chance to get right answer and there is more chance for answer if you move out one answer. Therefore, it is not good for students and because they do not get real score.
In conclusion, many students have kind of problem in some part of TOEFL test. Also, it is difficult for people to talk like TOEFL ways. It is not real English language to talk with. The students have to work very hard to pass the test. It is difficult for many students to pay for test. Therefore, The TOEFL test should not be allowed for international students.


The topic of this paper is biodiesel. It argues that to help people life, biodiesel should be used. There are three reasons for this argument. The first is that it helps the farmers in their live and the second it is cheaper than petroleum. The third reason that it is good for engines. Finally it is good for environment.

Thesis: Biodiesel should be used because it helps the farmers, it cheaper than petroleum, it is good for engine, and it helps the environment.
l. Introduction
A. Using biodiesel
B. Biodiesel will solve part of limited petroleum.
c. Thesis: Biodiesel should be used because it helps the farmers, it cheaper than petroleum, it is good for engine ,and it helps the environment.
ll. Background
A. Definition of Biodiesel.
B. Where was it finding?
C. What is the two kind of Biodiesel?
Lll. Main Arguments
A. biodiesel helps farmers.
1.increase their product.
2.save their plant because it has less chemical substances.
B. Biodiesel is cheaper than petroleum.
1. it is contain from plants and animals.
2. it can produce in local area
c. Biodiesel is good for engine.
1. lubricates engines better.
2.it keeps the engines clean.
d. Biodiesel helps the environment.
1. it has less carbon dioxide.
2. it almost contain from natural source.
lV. Opponents of biodiesel.
llV. Conclusion
1.why the people use it?
2. how is it important for future?

For a better environment, for a healthier life, for better engines and a good smells, for less dependence on petroleum, biodiesel makes part of the solution. The people and workers try to improve their life by using great things. Biodiesel is one of the energy sources that can be used in engines for truck and cars, it can also be used to produce energy for houses and industries .it may not be an ultimate solution for petroleum alternatives but it will solve in part the problem of limited petroleum supply in the world. In ‘Kiline Study: Biodiesel No Silver Bullet for Crude Crisis” the author states “Biodiesel may not be the ultimate solution to the world's fuel problem, but it is an important part of the solution set,"” (Agashe, 2006, Para 5). It has many advantages over other gases. Biodiesel should be used because it helps the farmers, it cheaper than petroleum, it is good for engine, and it helps the environment Bodiesel (2006) explains “Biodiesel is a domestically produced, renewable fuel for diesel engines derived from natural oils from soybeans, canola and sunflowers and animal fats” (par 6).the first engine of biodiesel as a kind of diesel established in 1898 in Paris (Yokayo biofuels, n.d.). In” Biodiesel” the author argues “Biodiesel was introduced in South Africa before World War II to power heavy-duty vehicles.”(n.d., para4). The biodiesel was stop but it return back before world war two and they were use it for big and weighty vehicles. in” Biodiesel” the author argues “Additional biodiesel could be derived from aquatic plants such as microalgae .This resource has the potential to be able to supply 50% or more of the U.S. diesel market” (n.d. ,para3) . this resource which is called micro algae is kind of plant and it is grow in the sea. Also, the U.S can produce 50% or more from that resource. biodiesel is not 100-percentage replacement of diesel. On the other hand ,biodiesel has two kind of diesel, which they are, call B5 ,and B20. B5 biodiesel which is contain of 5 percentages of plants and animal oil. “A Look at Green Fuels” said B5 biodiesel is mix of 95 percentage of petro diesel and 5 percentage of plant and animals oil. In addition ,the other kind is B20 biodiesel, which contains 20 percentage of biodiesel, and 80 percentage of petro based diesel.
At first, biodiesel helps farmers because it has less chemical substance than other gases. Many of gas can affect the plant and that cause of the death for plant. The gases for engine and machine that farmers use it for their farm it can be the big risk on their product. Biodiesel is better gas to use to save the plants; it is made in part from plant sources. In addition, the major crops that can be used to make vegetable oils for biodiesel are corn, sunflower, canola and soybean. Therefore, biodiesel will open a new market for farmers it will increase the demand for raw materials, farmers would have to grow more crops and this will benefit both the farmers and the industry which manufacture harvesting and patenting machines. In “Kilned Study: Biodiesel No Silver Bullet for Crude Crisis” the author claims “It provides farmers with a new market for their crops and holds the promise of high profits for food conglomerates and other members in the value chain” (2006, para 6).Soybean and crops are not limited for the food industry but can be used for producing biodiesel which is a totally new market for farmers. This will help increase their income and raise the value of such crops. Farmers use the biodiesel for planting and harvesting crops that will be processed into biodiesel so farmers are the first consumers for biodiesel. Therefore, biodiesel is good for farmers. It can help them to increase their product because it has less dangerous resource than other petroleum.
Second, biodiesel is cheaper than petroleum because it can be made from almost any vegetable oil, waste oil from restaurant fryers, tallow, and lard and waster treatment plants. The vegetable and animal oil make the prices of biodiesel is cheaper than other diesel which is 100 percent petroleum based. Also, production in local area gets better prices than imported diesel from other countries. Robinson (2005) “Gordon Petty with Ritter Oil Co. Says:” if crude oil stays at $70 a barrel plus then biodiesel has an advantage”(para3). Currently petroleum prices are hiking because of the conflicts in areas where it is produced and because of natural disasters like what happened in Florida last year, when the hurricane catethrina hit all the oil refining industry stopped. Thus biodiesel is enjoying a short-term price advantage over petroleum diesel. Therefore, it is good diesel by its price because it has many sources to make it. Third, Biodiesel is good for engines because gas engines use ignition whereas with diesel engines no spark plug is required diesel engines are far better than gas engines. Diesel engines are simple, efficient and robust. When comparing biodiesel to petroleum diesel, biodiesel was found better for engines because it gives the engine many benefits. In Foyston (2006) writes “Biodiesel lubricates engines better”(para1). It is good benefit for engine, which it gives the engine easy movement and good grease. In Foyston (2006) writes “most users report no difference except that engines seem smoother and exhausts smell sweeter”(para1). There is no bad smoke in the air and it makes the engine less loudly than other petroleum. Also, it makes the engines soft. Rausch (2006) claims “the biodiesel makes its mark is in its ability to clean an engine and increase fuel efficiency” (par 5). Biodiesel is able to make the engine clean. Also, it can raise the competence of the engine Thererefore, it is better for engine and it has many benefits to the user since the engine would run more miles same than a petroleum based diesel engine.
Finally, Biodiesel helps the environment because it can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, which that makes better environment than other diesel. In Gudmunson (2005) writes “biodiesel results in a 78% reduction in Carbon dioxide emissions”(pa.13). It has little emission of Carbon dioxide It makes less carbon dioxide than other diesel. Biodiesel it contain with little or no toxic emission such as sulfur, which is carcinogenic. Biodiesel mostly from natural source, which it is better for environment. Therefore, it is good for environment because it has less dangerous chemical gases. Opponents of biodiesel claims that biodiesel is not a good substitute for the petroleum based diesel. In Bodipo-Memba (2006) writes “notoriously poor-performing cold-weather fuel. Below 50 degrees, the fuel begins to form wax crystals that can cause the engine to run rough”(para19). In fact, this problem can only appear during clod weather and for a limited time in the year. However, to avoid the crystallization of biodiesel we can blend it with petrol diesel or we can install a tank heater. In the future, there might be some additives to biodiesel like a chemical substance to keep biodiesel in fluid form at low temperature.
In conclusion, biodiesel is kind of diesel will help many people. It will improve their environment and will help the farmers to increase their production. It is useful during this day until the workers and companies find better source than biodiesel. It has good price than other diesel. Most of countries who use it they made it locally. Agriculture and plant with the improvement of biotechnology farmers will increase their production of crops and yield of oil extracted. Therefore, biodiesel may become an important alternative of petroleum and may replace it forever. Therefore, it is good kind of diesel, which helps people and improves their life.


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Evaluating teachers

Did you ever evaluate your teachers? Do teachers want to know about their reaction in class? Teachers are the important column in the schools. Teachers are most people that can make better life. Teachers are second parents for students. All people need their help. The students should evaluating their teacher to help them to know about their work, to make teachers work hard, and to give parents information about teachers personality.
At first, evaluating teachers helps them to know about their work. Many of teachers think they select right way at their work. Moreover, evaluating new teachers can help them to change their ways to be better. Steiny (2006) tell us “that makes comment on teachers get better result “p d2.they can improve their ways of education by evaluating. Since teachers get evaluating they see which part of evaluate is a weak. Because of evaluation the teachers can change their benefits from bad to good. Like if class is bore they can make a joke to refresh class mood. Therefore, it is important for teachers to do evaluating which help them to do better work.
Second, evaluating makes teachers work hard. Teachers have many ways to improve teacher’s skill. Work hard and prepare for class and make good role lead to successful in the work. In ‘college of teachers must find way to evaluate refugee teacher: court” states ‘teachers need to have good political and good experience to get great job’. Makes good deal with students and help them for studying and doing their homework. Teachers have get students from their time if they have during at school to teach them if they confused about class. Therefore, make a control on class from the teachers lead to great work.
Finally, evaluating teachers give parents information about them personality. It is possible for teachers to take care for large number of students like primary school. So evaluating can show students parents good look about teacher’s personality. The parents can see the teachers work and class work. Also the parents can see the level of their sibling if they do fine or not. Therefore, parents can see the level of teachers by evaluating.
In conclusion, evaluating teachers is the best ways to make them work hard. Teachers can see all their work in the evaluation paper which they give it to student. Doing hard work lead students to successes in their education life. Also student’s parents see the summary of teachers work. Therefore, evaluating is very important to teachers which is helping them to do better work.


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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Air pollution in Australia

Do you think the population number in Australia effect on the environment? The population increase more in everywhere and that isn’t the cause for air pollution. Australia has small number of population and there is compare between Australia and other big city like Los Angeles, Mexico and Athens said the Australia doesn’t have many resources that lead to air pollution. The air pollution has different rate that depend on season. The air pollution during the summer and fall are in the worst status because its increase in that time and the cause for that is the heat of the sun comes high.

Air pollution the process of making air, the state of being dirty. The most serious air pollution results from the burning of fossil fuels. The air pollution is effect on environment and human health. In human health the respiratory system is the most important that air pollution can effect on it. Also it can damage the plant such as trees. The cause of air pollution is cars especially the exhausts of the vehicles, and industry. There are many thins that can entire on the air and effect on it we can called air pollution such as dust, fumes, gas, mist, odor, smoke ,plant or the animal life. Also, the air pollution can affect visibility because it makes smog on the air sometimes. But the big problem in Australia that because the air pollution is the smokes that step out from the cars .the problem of air pollution start since the cars begun appear on the life. The smokes that came up from the cars include bad chemical substance like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons. Also the industry has effect on air because when there make experience such as souring of sulfur with some mineral ores this cause to smokes on the air which make the air pollution. Also it is lead to the smog in the air that effect on the people’s eyes they can’t see very clear. By the way the people can make air pollution less dangerous because they are the cause for some of this problem. There are three things that must be done to solve this problem which is alternate sources of energy, emission control and move industry.

At first, the people have tried to find alternate energy source for cars to work on it also other kind of transportation like train and airplane. The alternate source will improve the environment from the air pollution. There are many kind of engine the cars can work on it like electric which is very helpful to improve the environment from dirty air that comes from the engine that work in gas. In couple of years they need new kind of engine that will safe the environment from air pollution such as electric engine. The electric engines make less pollution than other engines like gas engines .It takes the power collection of rechargeable batteries. Also the sound it’s different between gas engine and electric engines. The electric engine sound is almost silent.

Second, the government must emission control on gas that people using in their cars or any kind of transportation. Most of countries use unleaded gas that have less dangerous. The government makes control for that by change the petrol and diesel for vehicles to new kind to work on it such as hydrogen fuel – cell hybrid. The fuel cell works like electrical energy because it transfers the energy such as liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen accordingly to electrical energy. There are some people who have business work trying to use this kind of gas like post office cars. It safes the environment from air pollution and because they have a lot of work due the day.

Finally, the government should do arrangement for industry and factory to keep the environment clean from the dirty smoke. The people who has industry have to build their building far from where the people live to save their life from the effect that cause by industry. They have to build it in special area that only for industry. the public place is not good for people health such as down town . it cause many problem for people who walk over there .As a result, In my hometown the industry always have special area there is no one live their .The industry cause many problem on environment and human health. The people must beware when they want going to any industrial park. breathe the air that come from industry cause to sick .The people who work in industry have to wear special clothes and take care of themselves such as coverall and respirator .also they have all information and worn that help them to success in their work because they have experience in that field unlike regular people.

In conclusion, the air pollution causes some problem in environment and human health. Cars are the big part that makes air pollution. The gas that we use it makes air pollution and effect on the nurture .Also industry it makes bad air because of dirty smokes that comes in the air . The people can control on that if there substitute like the gas and the area that have industry. the best way to solve this problem is build industries in special area far from where people live. The emission control can good to improve air because the people try to find something that don’t have effect or have less effect. Also the alternate energy source will make better benefit for the life. The people have to use new kind of gas like liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen to safe the environment from air pollution that comes from other gas like diesel.

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Air pollution in Australia

According to ‘Local air Pollution Begins at Home’, the air pollution is affect to our health. The chemical smoke is bad for our health. The pollution has some bad substance in the air. Also the exhausts of the cars are the important thing made problem in pollution. There are some people who try to develop car engine to work by other things than gas. Such as the substances that come from smoke it have effect on the air pollution and the fire.

It is clear from local air pollution begins at home that there are some reason about what is the effect on the air and the result is bad pollution. I agree with that reason on the article. Also I agree that cars are the most important effect on the air that the people and worker have to make control on it. Also the smoke that comes from factory or cigarette is other effect. The indoor air has effect on people health.

At first, I think the cars are making air pollution not only in Australia but in the entire world. The engine of cars works on gas and that effect on the air because it has much chemical substance that effect on the air. Also the exhaust because it is step out smoke and that has much chemical substance like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons. There are some people in company trying to find new engine work on other thing. They want to change it from gas to other kind of engine like solar energy or battery. This is good idea even it has some effects on people because the battery has some chemical also but it is better than gas.

Second, the smoke from cigarette and fire affect on the air. The people can control that because they use that without any benefit. The cigarette and fire have much chemical substance like carbon monoxide that effect on the air and our body, but people feel tired and their health goes bad after couple of years. Also the smokes from factory haze the air because it is like smog. The government has to make arrangement for factory and built it far away from the city.

Finally, the indoor air is bad for our health. We have to breathe fresh air. The closed building has bad air because the air comes from air condition and that doesn’t renew the air. The indoor air leads to sick because there is no exit to breathe and cough for the people who is sick. The people have to let the fresh air enter the building by the windows to renew the air inside the building.

In conclusion, the chemical substance effect on the air by any kind. The people who made cars they try to find new engine .Than By the way the people are big effect because they can to make control on that. The people have to quit smoking to live in clean pollution. The close building has to renew the air inside the building to let the air change.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

"For Once,Blame the Students"

In Patrick Welsh article ‘For Once, Blame the Students,” he argued that emigrated students do better than American students in USA class. First, the author said there is some teachers have problem with their health and some of them poor and the other thing that some students didn’t like their textbook. Next, he said the important thing for American students to get good grade and the teachers support them to get good grade also their parents. He also said the school helps students get lesser education. Walsh agrees with rising admission standards to improve students’ performance. He claims that parents have to set up students to help them do better in their class. He said the education in USA needs to become better.

It is clear from Welsh’s article that there are many reasons why American students don’t do well in their school. I agree with the author’s completely. Specifically, I agree that American students have to be more active in their class and more excited in their studying. And that their parents they have to help them but I think that their teachers can improve their ambition.

To begin with, the American students have to be more active in their class such as their interesting idea to be success in their class. They have to arrange their schedule and make division for time. They have to make limit for sleeping, playing and studying because they have to change their humor or their mood to be able to do all they want during the day. The way of teaching can help student to active in class it’s depend on teacher.

Next, I think that parents have to help their child . The parents have to support them if they have any problem. They can help them when they sick or when they have problem in study. Also they have to ask the incessantly about their education, economic state and they have to know about their friends. Either the parents have to make connect with their child to help them. The parents must divide their time to give their child part of the time to talk with them and give them some of their experience from the life to learn from their wrong and select right ways to be more successful.

Finally, the teachers have to make special case to improve the student’s ambition because they can have positive or negative effect on them. The teachers have experience in their life ,and they can make students successful in their life and make plan for future. The teachers experience will make students recognize the good and bad thing. They can improve their thinking from worse to better by their experience. Therefore, The teachers have to make the students to plan for their future because when they have plan they will do possible to confidence them hobbies and their ambition.

In conclusion, the teachers have to improve student’s ambition to be success in their life. Also their parents they have to support them if they need any help such as studying or economic state. It’s important for parents to talk with their child and help them if they need help. The American students have to work hard and do the best if they want success in their life. Every student has to plan for the future and if he or she doesn’t have one the teacher and his or her parents can help them to plan for it. The students have to divide their time to do all the work during the day.

Patrick, W. (2006, Mar 7). For once, blame the student. USA Today. Retrieved 2006, Oct 25, from http://www.usatoday.com/news/opinion/editorials/2006-03-07-forum-students_x.htm

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Friday five:my septembr

1) This is the 1st of September, what do you want to accomplish by the 31st?

I get good grade in eap1 and pass TOEFL :).

2) What does September make you think about or feel?

It make me feel good because the weather start change frome summer to fall.

3) September is the ninth month; can you name nine memories so far from this year?

1-I bought my first car.
2-I learned swim.
3-My left hand was broken.
4-My brother birthday.
5-I got my driver license.
6-I went to UAE,QATER AND Riyadh.
7-I bought my mobile.
8-Finished my summer club.
9-I bought my computer.

4) What does September have in common with three other months and can you name them?

Janury it's start NEW YEAR,May it's start for summer vacation,December is end of the year.

5) The first weekend in September signals the end of summer for many even though it doesn’t really end for weeks. When does summer end for you?

for me , when the hot weather finish.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I took a look at http://www.csmonitor.com/2003/0818/p02s01-usju.html.This website talks about the highest number of people in prison. The chance of black male is higher than that of a white male. The one reason is regard of racial minorities and other is economic. The prisoners or former prisoners can’t have the right to vote in some states for all their life ,because it may lead to abuses. The rate of crime has gone down because of the high rate of imprisonment in the past decade . The drugs is the important reason to go to the prison.

In my personal opinion I like this website because it gives me some information about prison and the crime rate. Also it gives me the reason which is important to go to prison (drugs).

Sunday, July 30, 2006

I tool a look at http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/article.php?scid=12&did=168. The website talks about murder rates in states with and without death penalty. In the past ten years, the murder rate has comes down,but the number of executions has increased. The reson is that murder crimes comes down is that there are many many executions in the USA. But in this decade the murders have been limited and less than last decade. The big cities in the USA have had a rise in executions without the death penalty.

In my personal opinion, it is good website to know the difference between murders and executions in the last year.